Refund and Returns Policy

The First Step:

If you found the goods damaged upon receiving, or  the received goods are inconformity with your order, please send an email to the customer service with the detailed information (such as the order number, names, pictures, etc) to apply for return.

The Second Step:

Cargo100 customer service will contact with the Chinese vendors after receiving your application. After they accept your application for the return or exchange, Cargo100 customer service will contact with you through E-mail, to inform you the details.

The Third Step:

after understanding the details of the email about the product return, please send all the related articles to Cargo100 as soon as possible (including the product, the original purchasing proof, the original package and a copy of the email about the confirmation of your return/exchange application).

        Note: Please be sure to send the return products back to Cargo100 within the Merchants’ committed time limitation for return. At the same time, because the international return requires some time (usually for a month or more), so please be patient during the process. Cargo100 will inform you about the return progress.

Need help?

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.